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Sites are built so that they look great on mobile devices
Sites are built so that you can edit the content without knowing code
Working with a Minnesota freelancer means your ideas get heard.

Construction Company Web Design

Case Study Live Site Construction Company Web Design More info

Adorned Homes – Web Design & Development

Case Study Live Site WordPress Minneapolis - Adorned Home Real Estate Web Design and Development More info

A.D. Hays Real Estate – Website Design & Development

Case Study Live Site Real Estate Web Design More info

Deneen Pottery – Website Design & Development

Case Study Live Site Responsive Web Design Minneapolis More info

Sean Hickey – Composer Web Design

Case Study Live Site Sean Hickey - Composer web design, website design More info

Alpine Asphalt – Small Business Web Design

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MINNE Apparel – Art Direction & Development

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Artful Living – WordPress Theme Modification

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AmTrust Identity Management – UI & UX

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Northface Construction – Web Design / Creative Direction

Case Study Live Site Construction / Contractor Website - Minneapolis Area, Affordable design and development for small businesses More info

Copycats Media – Visual Design

Case Study Live Site Freelance web designer los angeles, L.A. California More info

eCig Market – Art Direction & Development

Case Study Live Site E-cig Market Design and Development - Art Direction More info

Imagine a bold looking website that works on all devices where you can edit the content bringing you customers.

I work with small businesses and organizations to create something that tells their story. I generally create on WordPress, but I feel comfortable working with many different platforms. I’d love to sit down with you and have a no pressure conversation with you about how I might be able to serve you with high-quality web design in Minnesota. Check out some of my work below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Intentional design– crafted deliberately with your company’s main differentiation at the heart.

  • Responsive Web design that will allow people to view your website on whatever device they came up with next.
  • E-Commerce design if you’re in need of that. Whatever Content management system your site is in, I can help you with that.
  • SEO Conscious Web Design allows me to help you create a site, constantly thinking about how each element will affect the way Google digests the site. Highly important in this day in age, building the website in a way that allows you to put out content directly related to your business will give your website staying power and influence.
  • Pleasant Customer Service is the name of the game for a one-designer team. I have resources that I can use if I’m in need of a different skill set than mine, but I like to be there for any customers I have personally and look to delight by going above and beyond in getting you the best possible quality website.
  • Custom Web Design allows me to make your website without limitations. I create websites with code but always considering the visual and marketing aspects first and foremost.
  • Socially Connected Web Design leverages the innate interactivity of the web for your venture without getting ridiculous. I can help you pinpoint what the most important social networks are for your particular business and highlight those on your website where appropriate.
  • Marketing Centric Web Design is all about showing what makes your business so special. This is my main point of differentiation because I’m passionate about what makes your business different from your competitors, through a complimentary combination of appropriate headlines and visual imagery.
  • User Experience Design is all about making things clear and easy to navigate. This is central to my process while I create websites. I may start with a sketch on a napkin, or code for hours, but in the end, my process is dedicated to a couple central visual ideas that demonstrate what makes you different. Your customer, in the end, is who I aim to delight and serve, as I tell your business’s story and draw them to your main conversion goals, allowing you both to benefit from a positive experience. And if you’re in MN, I’m your neighbor – benefit from proximity from my professional Minnesota web design services.

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