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"Tim B Design is exceptional to work with! He and his team have a great attitude, they've shown excitement in helping my business. I put my full trust in them and they are doing great with all of it. Because of their work I've already seen growth in the number of sales leads generated by my website which is terrific!" - Josh Carlson, Treasured Spaces

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"They took our old website with outdated graphics, poor sales results and transformed it into a modern, incredibly attractive and sales thriving site. In 6 short months we have seen a 300% increase in sales by online traffic, a greater return than we had ever imagined."

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"Since we started working with Tim B Design last fall on our SEO efforts - we've DOUBLED THE TRAFFIC on our website year over year."

Mark Galloway, CEO


Tim Brown

Owner - Web Designer - SEO

I'm obsessed with getting my clients more business online.

Bea Bonte

Social Strategist - Project Manager

I love that I work with amazing clients and do what I love.

Mike Frahm

Creative Writer - SEO Copywriter

Constantly learning - I research & write content for client's goals.

Ajinkal Kumari

Web Developer

I’m not just a web developer. I’m a problem solver/solution oriented strategist.

Kevin Steele

Technical SEO - Link Building

I make websites into traffic magnets with links and technical SEO.

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"Tim designed a new website that captures the spirit of our company AND gets results. His whole process -- from initial meeting to launch - was seamless."

Dawn Reid, General Manager
Alpine Asphalt

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"Tim was able to sit down with us, understand our objectives and even guide us a bit when it came to driving conversions and making more money with our website."

Mandy Ebert, Art Director
Artful Living Magazine

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5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Web Design Company

Customer service is a lost art in many digital marketing companies, unfortunately. We consider this one of the most important aspects of what we do and critical to our long-term success. Whereas you might might get lost in the shuffle with another Minneapolis web design team, our company banks on humility and hard work, our 5-star customer feedback, and extreme responsiveness.

You may see a web design company that has an epic looking portfolio and marketing materials, but when it comes to the actual client work – the visual design leaves something to be desired. It could be that they have an A-team that works on their web design agency stuff, and a B-team that gets the client work. Honestly, I don’t know – but always check out their client roster and the actual work completed, not just the agency's site.

Frankly, we haven’t worked for every industry, so this doesn’t necessarily mean work with us. We do pride ourselves on a lot of our work in construction company web design, real estate, banking industry, fashion industry websites, and healthcare websites. We admit it does help if an agency has worked for companies like yours before and can speak to your industry's particular challenges.

If a company has been around for 30 years and just started offering web design services, you might want to consider if it's their specialty or if it’s just something tacked on to a long list of offerings. Many marketing companies have approached me to help augment their team only to realize they don’t have much of an internal team. I started as a freelancer and have grown the company's capacity. Our small but effective team is THE Twin Cities option if you're looking for professional visibility. With web design as our core offering that's complemented by a suite of services to drive traffic like SEO and Social Media Marketing. It’s not some side gig to a TV commercial, billboard, or PPC agency. Beware, a lot of people are selling websites, but not everyone specializes in them.

Each ‘Content Management System’ is like a type of car – you wouldn’t try to buy a Toyota from a Porsche dealership. WordPress web design requires some specialization as well – and I’ve worked on WordPress websites for 5+ years now, learning the ins and outs of it while finding ways to be more efficient than my competitors. I’ve seen people sell a client Magento (a content management system) because they knew they could get a better margin on it – even when the client could’ve had an extremely effective website with WordPress + WooCommerce. I honestly want you to have a website you can make changes on yourself and get the most effective solution for a reasonable price.