14 of the Best SEO / Conversion Blogs & Podcasts to Follow

by on May 28, 2016

14 of the Best SEO / Conversion Blogs & Podcasts to Follow


Content, content, content. Content overload. A painful amount of content coming out of the eyes and ears. What a better time to boil it down to only the stuff that matters. The thing is that I do like to read, but with how much  is out there it’s hard to sort through the chaff. I’ve done my best to curate some of the best sources here for gaining more organic website traffic and conversion (SEO & CRO)… and cap it off with some of my favorite podcasts not in either of these two categories technically but related.

SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization related Blogs

Drop all ten in your RSS reader, and have a constant stream of genius into your phone or tablet.

1. Backlinko – Brian Dean is an SEO genius and he wants you to be too

2. Conversion XL – All about conversion and cutting edge topics involving conversion digital marketing budget calculator

3. Moz – Whiteboard Fridays – Grade A SEO Meat

4. Unbounce – Big time conversion and SEO topics

5. Which Test Won? – Straight up A/B Tests and the results – Guess which one won and see how often you’re right.

6. Search Engine Land SEO  – Lots of news and current up-to-date strategies

7. Hubspot – Inbound Marketing – SEO, Content and Analytics insights.

8. Content Marketing Institute – Led by the high priest of Content Marketing himself.. Joe Pulizzi will leave you satisfied with the best information in content marketing trends, but more importantly what’s effective.


Sometimes you’ve got things to do or places to travel and can’t read – but you can listen. (Sidenote: My favorite podcast app is Overcast.)

9. The Conversions Podcast – Conversion experts in podcast form. Yes please.

10. SEO 101 – and 201, and 301

11. ConversionCast from LeadPages

12. eWebResults – SEO Podcast (Nothing matters except results)

13. Landing Page Optimization – Great Podcast on A/B Testing

14. Call to Action Podcast – from Unbounce, Landing page service


Not SEO or Conversion – but honorable mention:

15. Harvard Business Review – Ideacast on Management

16. Traction – for Startups

17. The GaryVee Podcast – for Social Media and Marketing Inspiration

18. The SeanWes Podcast – Business & Hustle Inspiration

19. Copy that Pops – On Writing copy that Converts

20. Freakonomics – Observations on human behavior and economics, usually with some kind of sensational element


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