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8 Tips for Creating an Attractive Web Design

  Today, creating an attractive web design is of extremely important. Websites have become a commanding way to promote businesses. It can be used as a marketing tool, a way of communication or a platform for branding. The design of your website will play a vital role on how users will perceive your brand. It… Read the full article

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10 WordPress CSS Tips for Beginners

WordPress is being widely recognized by individuals and corporations as a platform to build traffic or audience to showcase their work. In WordPress you can have themes that allow you to easily change the presentation of your site, and Cascading Style Sheets or commonly called CSS creates cache for your styles, themes apart from your… Read the full article

Choosing between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

Choosing between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

One thing you know for sure — if you want your service to cover as many people as possible, go online. It’s the Internet where your potential clients are looking for the service you can provide. The next truth is that if you want to cover even more users, go mobile. So, you have probably… Read the full article

Top Free themes for photographers

Top Responsive WordPress Photography Themes Available Free Online

WordPress can be seen as the king of the web development because of the popularity it has achieved in past few years. The presence of vast number of plugins and themes is the major benefit with which you can add beauty to your WordPress website. This is the reason, why most of the website owners… Read the full article

The Current State of Website Design in Minnesota

I can’t be everywhere at once, but I do have a pretty solid idea of the website design market in Minneapolis and Minnesota, and so I thought I’d share some insights I have about the marketing. This little run-down of the current state of website design in Minnesota will conclude with a couple of suggestions… Read the full article

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Website Convert

You’ve got a website, but does it even convert? It’s important to pay attention to how people are interacting with the web design of your site and make changes to help them buy, contact and interact longer. If you’re not familiar with the art of ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’ here are some basics to get you… Read the full article

Attractive Web Design

What is White Space in Web Design? How To Use it and Examples

What is white space in Design? White space in graphic and web design is simply the places in between elements or objects on a page or website. Does white space have to be white? No. It can be any color as long as it’s uncovered with other objects or elements in that area of the… Read the full article

14 of the Best SEO / Conversion Blogs & Podcasts to Follow

Content, content, content. Content overload. A painful amount of content coming out of the eyes and ears. What a better time to boil it down to only the stuff that matters. The thing is that I do like to read, but with how much  is out there it’s hard to sort through the chaff. I’ve done… Read the full article

Personal Stories #2: How I Deal With Roadblocks in Design

We all have times when there are difficulties in the design process, and frankly in our careers or creative pursuits in general. By no means do I have any magic bullets in dealing with these, but I know sharing my experience with others is usually a life-affirming process. So I’ll do my best to share… Read the full article

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