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Real Estate Web Design Inspiration 2017

Real Estate Web Design Inspiration for your enjoyment!   Le Collectionist If I had the money I’d be on the phone with these guys right now! These are beautiful pictures that just give you a cozy feeling. Every one of these residencies is my dream home, or perhaps, dream vacation home. The website is very… Read the full article

10x Growth Con

10X Growth Conference – Recap / Review

  The 10x Growth Conference ( #10x , #10xgrowthcon on Twitter/IG) is going on now in Hollywood, Florida – near Miami, Florida. To help myself remember the amazing takeaways from the event, and to share with my friends who aren’t able to make it – I wanted to get some key notes on the speakers and a… Read the full article

Attractive Web Design

8 Tips for Creating an Attractive Web Design

  Today, creating an attractive web design is of extremely important. Websites have become a commanding way to promote businesses. It can be used as a marketing tool, a way of communication or a platform for branding. The design of your website will play a vital role on how users will perceive your brand. It… Read the full article

Rise - Green and Pink Color Scheme for girls, feminine color schemes 2017

5 Feminine Color Schemes for 2017

Are there really feminine color schemes? Well… there are definitely studies that indicate that men and women have different tastes for color. I care about this both as a marketer trying to hit prime demographics – and as an artist with an interest in perception and how the mind works. For the sake of this… Read the full article

Web Design Inspiration 2017

Web Design Inspiration 2017

Out with the old and in with the new – Web Design Inspiration 2017! If you’ve been following this blog for any number of posts (or years) it’s often about web design inspiration, but time slows for no man, and this web design inspiration 2017 list is intended to get the juices flowing for what… Read the full article

Gin rough, gold and type design

Beautiful Website Color Schemes | Color Schemes for Websites

Running one of the best small web design firms in Minneapolis and doing Minneapolis SEO, I love curating examples of great web design color schemes, and I’ve scrounged up a brilliant set of 21 for you today, from the far reaches of Dribbble, Awwwards, Pinterest, Behance and a couple great blogs. I highly suggest you check… Read the full article

Why Effectiveness is More Important Than Quality (& The Difference)

  We have a funny pattern with people within the web design and development community – with questions like: “this website was coded poorly, should I keep working with it or start from scratch?” My problem isn’t with the question itself – but with the motivation behind it, these two motivations I think are indicative… Read the full article

Can I make money from having a website?

Depending on what you do – a web presence could be extremely important, or it could be somewhat of an add-on. If I’m honest with myself, I understand that some businesses acquire customers very easily because of the inherit demand – and some businesses could do all the promotion in the world and never get… Read the full article

Design is a Job - Mike Monteiro Book Summary, Book Review

Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro – Book Review, Book Summary

Design isn’t just a passion, and you aren’t a unicorn or a snowflake. Design is serious business. ‘Design is a Job’ by Mike Monteiro tries to help shift the idea of design as being some kind of mysterious magic and make it clear, whether design is done well or done poorly it has serious consequences… Read the full article

What is Growth-hacking? What is a Growth-hackathon?

You might be a busy entrepreneur, a C-level executive or just a digital marketing technician of any of the infinite variety – but you know your marketing is important. You’ve googled “what is growth-hacking?” because you want growth. You want more visitors and website traffic and ultimately more customers. What is Growth-hacking? Growth-hacking is about… Read the full article

How to have amazing customer service in the digital age

Podcast Ep. 12 – Having Amazing Customer Service in the Digital Age

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate and review the Podcast on iTunes.   Bill Svoboda of Co-ed Monkey, soft Custom Printed T-Shirts talks about the new world of customer care, how he’s knocked it out… Read the full article

The Inseparability of Website Development and Conversion Rate Optimization

The Inseparability of Web Development and Conversion Rate Optimization

  Conversion Rate Optimization is the art and science of making tweaks on an existing site to help it convert better. Web Development is the actual coding and creation of a website from ‘raw materials’ – the Javascript, CSS, PHP, HTML and whatever else. Web Development can even loosely refer to theming and modification, or… Read the full article

Favorite Marketing Tools for 2016

10 of My Favorite Marketing Tools 2016

  As a designer/developer I use a lot of tools. Besides my design toolkit and the usual culprits; Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and WordPress… you get into some stuff that maybe not everyone is using and perhaps you’d be interested in learning a little bit about. 1. HitTail – The… Read the full article

Can you keep it down - Real Housewives gifs explain internet marketing

Real Housewives Gifs Explain Web Design

The original ‘Real Housewives Gifs Explain Internet Marketing‘ did so well that I decided to make a second. You demanded it with your web traffic, and so this is happening: 1. When the navigation item says one thing and the title of the page says another You likely have felt this before, when you click on something… Read the full article

The Current State of Website Design in Minnesota

I can’t be everywhere at once, but I do have a pretty solid idea of the website design market in Minneapolis and Minnesota, and so I thought I’d share some insights I have about the marketing. This little run-down of the current state of website design in Minnesota will conclude with a couple of suggestions… Read the full article

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Website Convert

You’ve got a website, but does it even convert? It’s important to pay attention to how people are interacting with the web design of your site and make changes to help them buy, contact and interact longer. If you’re not familiar with the art of ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’ here are some basics to get you… Read the full article

How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing

Podcast Ep. 11 – How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate and review the Podcast on iTunes.   https://timbdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/How-to-supercharge-your-marketing-with-email.m4a Darrell Vesterfelt of convertkit.com shares on “It’s a Code World – Ep. 11 – How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your… Read the full article

Attractive Web Design

What is White Space in Web Design? How To Use it and Examples

What is white space in Design? White space in graphic and web design is simply the places in between elements or objects on a page or website. Does white space have to be white? No. It can be any color as long as it’s uncovered with other objects or elements in that area of the… Read the full article

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