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Web Design Inspiration 2017

Web Design Inspiration 2017

Out with the old and in with the new – Web Design Inspiration 2017! If you’ve been following this blog for any number of posts (or years) it’s often about web design inspiration, but time slows for no man, and this web design inspiration 2017 list is intended to get the juices flowing for what… Read the full article

Beginner WordPress Development Course - WordPress Development for Noobs

WordPress Development for Noobs

I designed this course to give people the guidance I wish I had when I was trying to learn how to wield WordPress effectively. Well here you go, a course to help designer’s get up to speed on WordPress and be able to use it to create websites on the basics of WordPress development and… Read the full article

Ways to rock WordPress sites for clients

Some Final Thoughts – Ways to Rock WordPress Sites for Clients

< Back to Chapter 12 – My Story: Getting Started with WordPress Development WordPress Development for Noobs has been an ongoing series for people who want to learn how to make WordPress sites, and be useful to others in that regard. You can check out all of the chapters here, or read on for some final… Read the full article

Getting Started with WordPress Development

My Story: Getting Started With WordPress Development

< Back to Chapter 11 – How to Price Yourself Appropriately for WordPress Development There was once a young kid, born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota and raised in a small town called Corcoran, Minnesota 20 minutes west of Minneapolis. I was a dreamer – we didn’t have a TV til I was 8 or 10 and… Read the full article

WordPress White Screen Error

How to fix WordPress white screen error

Are you facing the WordPress white screen issue? It’s frustrating no errors just the white screen! Don’t worry we will help you fix this white screen error quickly. WordPress no doubt is the leading and most popular CMS framework in the market. It has more than 58% of CMS market share. We all love the… Read the full article

wordpress technique

8 Secret Techniques To create Custom Home Page In WordPress

WordPress is widely used for developing websites and is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) that can be used for creating any type of website whether you want to develop an e-commerce site, a blogging platform, online portal or any other type of website. If you’re a budding entrepreneur or already a well-organized… Read the full article

How to Price Yourself Appropriately – WordPress Development

How to Price Yourself Appropriately Doing WordPress Development

< Back to Chapter 10 – All together now: Using the WordPress Loop with a Custom Post Type, Taxonomies and Fields WordPress Development for Noobs has been delightful to make, and you can view all of the chapters here, this is the eleventh chapter and gets a bit more personal. Pricing personal. I hope that some nugget… Read the full article

Music to Code to 2016

Music to Code To: 2016 Edition

If you didn’t see my first ‘Music to code to’ post, it’s here: “10 Greatest Albums to Code To.” Generally my thought on music to code to just means that there’s a lot of instrumentation and the music is plodding in a way that pushes you to keep going and to keep a steady pace… Read the full article

Code Snippet: Using a featured image as a background in WordPress

Of course if you want to have a background to a div it’s generally correct to set that with a separate stylesheet. But in WordPress if you want it to be dynamic so that whatever the person publishing a post sets as the featured image it comes up as the background to a div you… Read the full article

Wordpress Loop with a Custom Post Type, Taxonomies and Fields

The WP Loop with Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Fields

< Back to Chapter 9 – Using Advanced Custom Fields to Supercharge WordPress’ Editability WordPress Development for Noobs is for people who are trying to develop WordPress websites for the first time. The process will make more sense if you’ve done some front-end development, but I try to go at this in the simplest way possible…. Read the full article

Getting your WordPress Site set up for Amp

What is Amp? Amp is Accelerated Mobile Pages, created by Google – to offer a smoother experience and more quickly downloaded content and pages. Because AMP enabled pages need load less data that they need to render the content (content is king remember,) Google can cache this content and load the pages near-instantly when appropriate for… Read the full article

Change the WordPress Login Logo with your Own

WordPress is amazing, but sometimes you want a little credit for the site you built and so a great way to ‘own’ a site more fully or allow a client to ‘own’ the site is the change the WordPress admin logo with your own or your clients. It’s the equivalent to setting out a welcome… Read the full article

WordPress: Conditional Call to Action after a Post Based on Category

After reading many posts on HubSpot, I was always appreciative that their call to actions at the end of blog posts were specific to what I just read. When I finished a post about social media, there would be a call to action: “Enter your e-mail now, for a free download of ’99 quick tips… Read the full article

Take Control of Your Offsite SEO

Take Control of Your Offsite SEO

  To really compete on the growing Internet on-site SEO optimization is crucial, but it may not be enough to gain significant rankings, you’re going to need links. Most Internet marketers will tell you it’s worth the time spent or budget paying an experienced professional or agency to develop an offsite SEO campaign. Focusing on… Read the full article

5 Brilliant Related Posts Plugins To Boost Pageviews Of Your WordPress Site

5 Brilliant Related Posts Plugins To Boost Pageviews Of Your WordPress Site

Whenever users visit your WordPress website blog page from search engines, to read a topic of their interest, they’ll possibly leave your site immediately once they have completed reading it. This will decrease page-views, resulting in a higher bounce rate. But, you can encourage your readers to stay on your site by helping them find… Read the full article

Brilliant New Ways to Use Your WordPress Site - Podcast "It's a Code World"

It’s a Code World – Ep. 6 – Brilliant New Ways to use your WordPress site

This will be up soon on iTunes you can subscribe! For the moment listen right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate it and review it on iTunes.   Connect with Josh Giowaya on LinkedIn. Josh shares with us today on “Brilliant New Ways to use your WordPress site.” Links to… Read the full article

Creating custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress

Creating Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress

< Back to Chapter 6 – Working with Responsive Design in a WordPress Theme WordPress Development for Noobs is on its seventh chapter. I’ve done my best to outline from the simplest WordPress concepts to the more in-depth concepts, as well as how to utilize WordPress in better ways. We’ve covered themes and child themes, plugins, making your… Read the full article


Working with Responsive design in a WordPress Theme

< Back to Chapter 5 – Creating your first WordPress theme ‘From Scratch’ WordPress Development for Noobs is intended to be an extremely useful resource for someone looking to create epic WordPress sites for themselves or clients. As a WordPress developer in Minneapolis, I’ve gotten the chance to modify themselves, create many WordPress themes from scratch, work… Read the full article

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