Free Modern Fonts – The Ultimate List

by on September 22, 2017

El Capitan - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Free Modern Fonts – The Ultimate List


Here I’m curating the ultimate list of free modern fonts. Graphic and Web Designers rejoice! I’ll keep shelling out these curated font posts as I see the demand is high for them in my work doing Minneapolis SEO and Minneapolis web design. Check out a couple other awesome free modern fonts posts in related posts at the bottom as well.


Junction - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year


Junction – San-serif

A lovely humanist sans-serif, Junction feels a bit tightly wound in that the lowercase you and almost feels a little pinched; overall a nice looking font though. It comes in several weights, which I think makes it a lot more versatile.

Download Junction for free here


Nexa Rust - Free - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Nexa Rust – Rough Slab Serif

I love slab-serifs. The letterforms are beautiful, and this one has alot of great characteristics. Throw in some weathering you have a solid modern font for 2015.

Download Nexa Rust for free here

Royals - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Royals – Wood-type / Vintage / Display

You may have read my article that extols the virtues of the font ‘Brothers’ for possible use in branding; here’s an alternative with a good amount of weight and girth. Which can come in handy in certain scenarios.

Download Royal for free here 


El Capitan - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

El Capitan – Hand Lettered

This font has a hand-lettered look to it. I love the organic feel of the shapes and height of the features.

Download El Capitan for free here



Kino 40 - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year - Web and Graphic Design

Kino 40 – Blocky Script

Kind of in a league of it’s own, Kino 40 is a blocky script.  Inspired by the old cinema handwriting style, apparently, whatever that is. I like it.

Download Kino 40 for free here



Bizon - Handlettering - hand-lettered- hand-letter - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Bizon – Hand-lettered

Another hand-lettered font, it looks very intentionally rough, but san-serif is an interesting choice for a hand-made font. Nicely done.

Download Bizon for free


Geometric font- - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Aroly – Geometric Display

This font has a fairly limited amount of places you could use it in my opinion because of how distinct it is, but I can imagine it being dropped back in a classy way, huge and as a watermark somehow.

Download Aroly for free here

Karos - Typeface - Sans-serif - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year


Ikaros – Sans Serif

In a way, Ikaros reminds me of the font Raleway, in that it’s a bit of a fresh take on a sans-serif font without going too crazy.

Download Ikaros for free here
Moon - Rounded Sans-serif - - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Moon – Rounded San-serif

In school for graphic and web design we were charged with creating a typeface and it could be modified version of an existing one. I took my favorite (Proxima Nova) and rounded the edges and added some little extras. In this case, moon has the classiness of a Gotham or Proxima Nova and just added a nice friendly rounded aspect. I’m going to have to keep this one in mind.

Download Moon for free here


Voga -free fonts -- modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Voga – Serif

Not to take the name too literally on this one, but I really do feel like using it in a light grey watermarked on white for a voguish fashion website would be great. That, or in white and large as a watermark on a photo. Well done, fairly dramatic serif font.

Download Voga for free here


Choplin Slab Serif

Choplin – Geometic Slab Serif

Another lovely take on the Slab serif. Try in all-caps.

Download Choplin for free here


Zona Pro - Free - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Zona Pro – Sans-serif

I’m not sure I can even try out all these classy sans-serifs. This one definitely looks like a solid one, but might blend in with a hundred other ones I also need to try.

Download Zona Pro for free here


Madras - Free - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Madras – Sans Serif Font

What stands out to me about this font is the many weights. More along the lines of a helvetica, or lightly condensed helvetica, Madras is well thought-out, but simple.

Download Madras for free here


Matchbook -- modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year


Matchbook – Rounded Slab Serif

I suppose you don’t want me to wax poetic about slab-serifs again, but needless to say, this is a smart font with a lot of applications.

Download Matchbook for free here


Building Typeface - Free - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Building – Deco Display

A pretty bold choice. I believe this font could be used at an angle, or dropped back as a decorative element, It’s hard to imagine this font as anything but a statement piece, but in that it’s great.

Download Building for free here


Big John - Slim Joe - Free - modern fonts 2015 - the best top font of the year

Big John, Slim Joe – Sans serif fonts

This reminds me of the font ‘code’ for it’s tight angles and the dramatic difference between the light and thick version.

Download Big John, Slim Joe for free here

Thank you so much for checking out these Free Modern Fonts – For Graphic and Web Design, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I have a lot more posts about modern fonts in the similar posts below, check them out.

Bonus: 34 More Free Modern Fonts!

1. Akula Script by Anna Ivanir – Download

Free amazing fonts 2015

2. Wisdom ScriptFree Download

Free Fonts Script Wisdome


3. Dense RegularFree Download

Dense Free Font - Download 2015


4. Nevis BoldFree Download

Nevis Free Font Download


5. Bebas NeueFree Download



6. Poly Italic – Free Download

Poly Italic - Free Font Download


7. A Love of ThunderFree Download

Textured font,  Thick Slab sans-serif font -free download


8. LiberatorFree Download

Free Download - Liberator font


9. LangdonFree Download

Langdon font- free download


10. Trade WindsFree Download

Free crazy font


11. Dker PosterFree Download

Hand-lettering font Dker Poster


12. Amplify (For Personal Use Only) – Free Download

Amplify font - Marshall Rock band - logo font


13. Libre BaskervilleFree Download

Libre Baskerville - Free Font download

14. CartonFree Download 

Carton font - Free Download


16. VincentFree Download

Vincent Fotn -download free


17. Road MovieFree Download

Road Movie Font Download
18. ParkerFree Download

Handlettering font - download free font
(By James Lafuente)

19. Cac Lasko Even Weight FGFree Download

free download - script font 2015
20. Clear LineFree Download
Handwriting font - free download

21. AnaeveFree Download

Anaeve Free font download
22. A Day Without SunFree Download

 A Day Without Sun - free download
23. Mix Modern SolidFree Download

Mix Modern Solid - free download font like optima or futura
24. MiniverFree Download

Miniver Free font download
25. Drew HandwritingFree Download

Drew Handwriting - free handwriting font download - hand-lettering - hand-painted fonts
26. CruickshankFree Download

cruickshank - beautiful modern fonts 2015
27. Novito Nova – Free Download

Novito Nova free font download
28. Crimson Petal – Free Download

Crimosn petal f-ree font free font
29. That’s Font Folks! –   Free Download 

that's font folks - free download
30. Captain’s TalkFree Download

Captains Talk free download - fonts 2015
31. Dolenzo – Free Download

Eroded Font - Download free
32. Panforte –  Free Download

Panforte free font download

33. Modified TeutonicFree Download or Free Download Location 2

Modified teutonic
Original Teutonic is here 

34.  Mix SerifFree Download

Mix Serif Free Download
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