Podcast Ep. 11 – How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing

by on June 18, 2016

How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing

Podcast Ep. 11 – How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing


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Darrell Vesterfelt of convertkit.com shares on “It’s a Code World – Ep. 11 – How to Use E-mail to Supercharge your Marketing.”

Tools that can help you right now with Email (two from Tim, two from Darrell.)

LeadPages digital marketing budget calculator

1. Is the email effectiveness Dying? What’s different about email than social?

  • No it’s not dying, but you need to stand out
  • Direct access to customers
  • Best way to have relationship is 1-to-1
  • Social is never 1-to-1
  • Social is a constant never ending stream, and while we may get a lot of email it is static

2. What are some strong considerations people should be utilizing when implementing e-mail automation?

  • Onboarding sequences
  • Auto-responder
  • Auto segmentation
  • Tagging and excluding customers

3. What are some proTips for not getting unsubscribed from, for not coming across as spam, and for staying relevant?

  • Don’t be an ass. Be true to your personality (either person or brand)
  • Don’t promise something that isn’t real to get clicks
  • Keep the long game in mind
  • Soft unsubscribe link trigger

4. Can you talk about hardcore Email tactics that you’ve been apart of, that have produced real results?

  • Content upgrades
  • Evergreen sales funnels

5. How can any of this be leveraged smaller companies – ballin on a budget – to really make a difference and make more money?

6. What are some of the best things you’ve read on the topic and can you share how to find them?


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