AmTrust Identity Management – UI & UX

AmTrust Identity Management – UI & UX

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The Challenge

The team at Amtrust had a landing page for their personal identity product was not converting as well as they would like. They knew they needed an updated look, and I assured them that their trust was not ill-placed with me. We worked hard to find out exactly what their customer’s needed to see, leveraged insights from a competitor and prepared by sketching possible solutions.

The Solution

When I revealed the concepts for their new design, the team at Amtrust referred to it as ‘Rockstar work’, which I strive for on all the projects I work on. Everything was intentional, from the color psychology, the imagery and use of the logo in the header section as a design element. The photography I chose included subtle and not so subtle psychological clues drawing attention to the prime demographics vulnerability (in the man’s bag.) From their we used other imagery that illustrates the ways someone’s identity can be breached.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

Having worked on websites for companies with revenue in the tens of millions, would you guess I’m better prepared creating websites for small businesses? I started creating WordPress websites in Minneapolis because I love helping small businesses and I feel that I provide a ton of value for companies of any size. My strategy on color psychology, layout, eliciting trust from visitors, and using the appropriate imagery to elicit trust from your company or organization’s core demographic  applies no matter the size of the company or organization.

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