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Maurices Blog – Web Development

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The Challenge

Maurice’s blog was being updated, and they had a preferred designer who they wanted to work with – but the designer didn’t understand how to build the site in WordPress. As a problem solving web developer, I sat in on the initial strategy sessions, with the wonderful marketing people over at Maurice’s and shared thoughts, strategies and concerns that might come on the blog – and how proper web development could address those concerns. The challenge was just making sure the blog would be easy to maintain in an ongoing fashion.

The Solution

We worked on making sure things like featured images getting cropped happened automatically, and the right layouts for the blog were available in easy to use visual composer templates. The process of creating the blog so that the right things were set in stone, but ongoing content templates were available for use, and completely customizable – has enabled them to feel like they have a powerful blog that can be truly used as a marketing tool.

Why my experience on this project matters to you

Web development is a lot better when you have someone who speaks your language. I’ve worked with 50+ different businesses on their websites and understand the different dilemmas that come up, and I get how to provide good customer service despite the situation. Web development on Maurice’s allowed me to work within the confines of a much larger organization’s needs and requests and make sure I communicated the key things in a way that everyone would be on the same page.

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