MINNE Apparel – Art Direction & Development

MINNE Apparel – Art Direction & Development

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The Challenge

MINNE Apparel has a beautiful line of clothing, and had amazing photos to showcase. So there was really an opportunity in site design that showed all of this in grand style. I actually worked not only on the development, but with another designer as the art director and co-designer in this project. We wanted to really push the limits and utilize modern design and development techniques to associate this high class brand with a flair for the tastefully dramatic.

The Solution

We created the site with the interactive elements in mind from the very beginning. Having a developer who can deliver on the development strategy in on the design process – allowed us to stay nimble and created the whole time. With elements like the mobile menu we were able to experiment with a fresh look and not stick with more common and slightly overused mobile menus. Even utilizing the mobile menu look on the desktop version, made it look particularly fresh.

Key things I learned in this process:

Bringing design into development for me, is just as important as bringing development concerns up during design. Design in development means that little code and finesse elements in the look of the build aren’t overlooked. These little details are super important to make sure that the site is as professional as it can be and makes the business look good. The process focusing on these details allowed me to fully bring my skills to the table in this regard and bring my “finesse” web design to the next level.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for:

  • Finesse in web design
  • Web design that keeps the details in mind
  • Mobile-friendly web design
  • Web design that allows for easy edits

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