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The Challenge

Katie Kurtz, a Minneapolis and North Oaks Realtor, was in a predicament. She had website that she liked, but it wasn’t built in the same place as her blog. It was like trying to make a store but all of your weekly promotions are directing people to the wrong address. We were going to need to integrate her blog in with her site, and perhaps update the look and feel of both to represent the high quality work she does.

The Solution

We talked through the things she liked about the site that was created on a website builder/ template. By no means did she hate it, and so I navigated through murky waters to make sure everything she liked about that site made it onto the new one and it used the same grey and white color scheme, and big airy photos that emphasized white decor. Creating the whole site on WordPress allowed us to keep the same look and feel from the home page, to the blog, to the new area showcasing press Katie has received, including being in an HGTV show – we were able to help showcase press appearances in a way that increased visitor trust and would help her present her story more professionally to the world. A high-end website design is good for both ego and business.

Key things I learned in this process:

The realty market is competitive, so we actually targeted the site for a very niche market. Focusing on North Oaks specifically, allowed us to start ranking the site for a less densely competitive market and start the process of search engine optimization during development. The take-away is that if you are in a market that’s extremely competitive, niche down further until you find a less crowded set of keywords to optimize your site for. This is the kind of marketing consultation I’m happy to give any clients I work with, and what sets me apart for a web design firm and any freelance web designers in Minneapolis in my same range.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for:

  • A no-nonsense approach to web design and development.
  • Mobile centric design and development.
  • Real Estate related Web Design Services
  • Local search optimization and homegrown WordPress Twin Cities Web Design
  • A partner who will take initiative, is successful, and loves helping others be successful.
  • A web design company with a purpose. To help others as much as I can.

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