Artful Living WordPress Theme Modification

Artful Living WordPress Theme Modification

Case Study Live SiteArtful Living Lifestyle Magazine

The Challenge

Artful Living Magazine was trying to determine what they should do with their WordPress website – should we re-build or just modify? The theme was well built and had a solid aesthetic, and so I encouraged them not to re-build if what they were looking for was still in the same realm as the existing site. Sometimes WordPress theme modification projects can actually require more attention than full rebuilds because you have to work around the theme in development – but in this case it was definitely the more efficient solution.

The Solution

The stakeholders in the organization wanted a web design firm that could change in the navigational structure, beyond what the theme options offered, and something where the navigation was under the big ‘hero unit’ (the top area on the home page), I suggested we get the typography cleaned up and more intentional, and a greater focus on the main actions we wanted people to take on the site and other changes, along side the solid list of theirs we came up with. Executing on the list of planned theme modifications we created a website that they are much more proud of – and I am too!

Key things I learned in this process:

Theme modifications aren’t my number one favorite type of project – but if someones website is already on a theme, and 70% correct and how they want it, it really doesn’t make sense to throw the baby out with the bath water and start from scratch. What I’ve learned about myself – is that I’m much more concerned with pragmatism and business success than I am with impressing engineer types with my sophisticated coding frameworks and building everything from nothing.

“Our website needed a refresh — and Tim was able to sit down with us, understand our objectives and even guide us a bit when it came to driving conversions and making more money with our website. We have a high-end publication, and Tim was able to help better capture that spirit along the way with his design understanding and web development expertise, essentially helping us be more proud of our site and better wield it as a marketing tool.”
Mandy Ebert, Artful Living

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