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8 Key Principles of ‘Professional Visibility’ Online to Get More Leads

‘Professional Visibility’ is my term for the kind of online visibility that gets more leads and customers from your website and across the web. It’s not enough to have a ‘brochure’ website. It’s not enough to post every once in a while on Facebook. Your company depends on you becoming a business that seems like… Read the full article

Adding Local Business Schema Markup to Your Site

Getting Higher on Google Maps: Local Business Schema Markup

Getting local business schema markup on your site, gives you better odds of showing up in Google Maps results. The best part about this is, even though most of your competitors aren’t doing this (this gosh-darn new-fangled technology) – it’s not that hard to do: You can use the generator by clicking this link:… Read the full article

Local Directory Listings for Your Business

Getting Higher on Google Maps: Local Directory Listings

In this second video on getting higher on Google Maps I walk you through the importance of getting local directory listings. You can do them manually – but it is time intensive (got a Tuesday night for this?), or you can use something like Yext or Moz Local. The number one most improtant thing is… Read the full article

Verifying Your Google My Business Page

How to Get Higher Rankings on Google Maps: Verify your Google My Business Page

Getting higher on Google maps means more traffic, more leads and more business. It’s a first step towards professional visibility, and establishing yourself on Google My Business is part of the baseline of that process. It’s simple, but here’s a basic walk-through to creating that listing and verifying it. Step One: Next Video: How to… Read the full article

Local Directory Listings

 If you understand that professional visibility is important to your company – I strongly suggest getting all of the local directory listings you can for your business. If you haven’t yet – sign up at each of these sites below, ensuring that your name, address, and phone number is correct and consistent (down to the… Read the full article

Moz Keyword Explorer

Best Tools to Find Good Keywords 2017

Given below are some of the best keyword research tools recommended for laying a well-rounded keyword foundation for SEO and also include keyword research tools, keyword finders, and highly profitable keyword research tools: 1. KWFinder KWFinder is a highly effective long tail keyword research tool and has a really great interface. It displays search volumes,… Read the full article

Construction Company Name Ideas

Construction Company Name Ideas

  I love helping construction companies with their online marketing through branding, web design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. But before all of that – what’s core to a company? A solid name is the basis for any brand, and it can either be a beacon to your employees and the pride of… Read the full article

How to get more leads now

10 Lead Generation Activities to Get More Leads Now

If you want more leads NOW. You need to get serious about prospecting. Besides just using a digital marketer like me, here are 1o ways you can get more leads now, fill your pipeline and get more business. 1. Create 3 videos on Instagram stories – explaining a small aspect of your business and asking people… Read the full article

Web Design Los Angeles

Ideas for Marketing a Construction Company Online [Expert Roundup]

This expert round-up for general contractor marketing/construction company marketing will dive deep into several strategies that will help your company get more traffic to your website and more business from your website. Study it, bookmark it – and don’t take it for granted – because, with the seven experts strategies below, you construction/contractor business will… Read the full article

Contractor web design - construction websites

Contractor Web Design – Inspirational Construction Websites

1. Weitz Construction Company Web Design – This construction company website is clean and open and gives clear metrics of the companies success, but more importantly their effectiveness. By presenting key numbers in a way that draws attention to them and showcasing expertise with case studies of projects, Weitz goes all in on their digital… Read the full article

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.47.20 AM

21 Sample Google Data Studio Reports for You to Copy and Use

Between the 5 Resources below – there are 21 free sample reports! Google Data Studio is a great tool for creating customizable web analytics reports. This post will help you get off on the right foot with Data Studio by providing you with 21 sample reports that you can copy and use. What is Google… Read the full article

How to Kill it online with your personal brand

Podcast – Ep. 15 – How To Kill it Online with Your Personal Brand

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate and review the Podcast on iTunes.   Recently Matt Benyo and I sat down and talked how to “How to kill it online with your personal… Read the full article

Sprout Social - digital marketing tools 2017

40 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2017

If you like tools as much as I do, you’re going to love ’40 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2017.’ I hope you’ll take 30 seconds and leave a comment about any of your favorite tools you didn’t see on this list, so other digital marketers can have the pleasure of using your favorites… Read the full article

Web Color Schemes

Best Web Color Schemes of 2017

I’ve had a lot of similar color schemes in previous posts, but hey – when something is good, it’s good. These are my favorite web color schemes of 2017; I hope you like them. 1. Matte Black, Charcoal Black, and Gold Nothing says classy, sophisticated, and savvy like matte black, charcoal black, and gold. I’ve been… Read the full article

5 Steps to Create the Perfect Meta Description

A meta-description is what Google shows underneath the title of the page in their search results for your site. Meta-descriptions matter because whether or not they’re well-written determines how people perceive your site and, in turn, whether they click through or not. Keyword usage isn’t as important in meta-descriptions because they don’t ‘technically’ affect your… Read the full article

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Shoot 5 to 6 Instagram Stories a Day Change your account to a Business account and use links in your stories. Try to increase your “fun” content 10%. Avoid jargon in your educational videos. Document, don’t just perform. A quick introduction – I feel like Instagram is the number one social network right now. Instagram stories… Read the full article

How to do a #Growthhackathon: How to Chunk your Top Marketing Tasks

This is a sneak peak of my upcoming book: #GrowthHackathon: Digital Marketing on a Budget – Which is about how to chunk your top marketing tasks and create an “unfair” advantage for yourself by becoming famous in your niche.   No matter what you do – it will never measure up to how ridiculously fast pace the… Read the full article

How to Determine the Quality of a Backlink

I remember when I first procured a ‘backlink’ on purpose that had decent metrics on it and I saw my ranking for a money-making keyword go up. I was delighted. I now saw that I could deliberately manipulate search rankings for my own purposes if only I could find more of these holy grails of… Read the full article

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