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How do you determine your Target Market>

How do you determine your target market?

Who do you seem to get as clients the most? Who do you feel like you can offer the most value to? Who has money for what you do? What do you like doing the most out of all that? – to me these questions narrow it down. Your target market… your niche… your prime… Read the full article

Crash course for Companies Blogging – Blogging for Business

Crash Course for Companies Blogging

Why is blogging great for business? By blogging and sharing great content on social media, you become ingrained as an expert in people’s minds. Every time you publish a post, Google’s algorithm favors your site more – allowing you to rank better. Blogging helps you think about what will be useful for ideal clients, and sharpens… Read the full article

Beginner WordPress Development Course - WordPress Development for Noobs

WordPress Development for Noobs

I designed this course to give people the guidance I wish I had when I was trying to learn how to wield WordPress effectively. Well here you go, a course to help designer’s get up to speed on WordPress and be able to use it to create websites on the basics of WordPress development and… Read the full article

How Long Does it Take to Get Results from SEO?

It will take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months to start seeing some shift, and likely 6-8 months to start seeing significant ROI from Search Engine Optimization work. That being said, if you don’t start seeing some shift in traffic (either month over month or year over year for seasonal businesses) then in most cases… Read the full article

5 Biggest Lessons from This Past Year Doing SEO

It’s been an interesting year, but I’ve gotten so much better at Search Engine Optimization, and can now really see and measure incremental shifts that I can make on my website and clients websites. I’ve learned some somewhat frustrating at times lessons, and if you can learn from my mistakes (and wins) I share these… Read the full article

Best and Worst Parts About Full-time Freelancing: John Locke

John Locke is a full-time web design freelancer who also co-hosts the WP Tonic Podcast. I asked him some questions about the best and worst parts about full-time freelancing, and he goes in depth below. Enjoy! What is the best part for you about Full time freelancing? The ability to choose who I work with, what… Read the full article

The Idiot’s Guide to Technical SEO

You might be thinking to yourself – I want to learn technical SEO, but damn dude, I don’t have 4 hours to do research online. Well – here I am, to the rescue. I’ve boiled down some key keys of technical SEO into 4 minutes of blog reading glory – so you don’t have to do… Read the full article

Ways to rock WordPress sites for clients

Some Final Thoughts – Ways to Rock WordPress Sites for Clients

< Back to Chapter 12 – My Story: Getting Started with WordPress Development WordPress Development for Noobs has been an ongoing series for people who want to learn how to make WordPress sites, and be useful to others in that regard. You can check out all of the chapters here, or read on for some final… Read the full article

Getting Started with WordPress Development

My Story: Getting Started With WordPress Development

< Back to Chapter 11 – How to Price Yourself Appropriately for WordPress Development There was once a young kid, born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota and raised in a small town called Corcoran, Minnesota 20 minutes west of Minneapolis. I was a dreamer – we didn’t have a TV til I was 8 or 10 and… Read the full article

The Biggest Reason to Raise Your Prices

SERVICE! You can offer so much better service if you aren’t worried about a couple bucks along the way. Unfortunately most companies think that the only reason people buy is because of cheapness, and I have news for you – the WORST kinds of clients make price their main consideration, and the BEST kinds of… Read the full article

25 Image Media Uploader Problems – WordPress

Having problems with the new uploader system? Does it get “stuck” or otherwise not work for you? Things to try: 1. Make sure you uploaded all the WordPress files correctly. Really, this is probably the most common upgrade problem. If you’re getting any sort of “Call to undefined function” message from the uploader, then this… Read the full article

How to Avoid/ Not over optimize meta titles and descriptions

How to Not Over-optimize your Meta-titles & Descriptions

Repetition can be seen as spammy by Google’s algorithm, avoid it in your meta-titles When writing meta-descriptions, it’s better to focus on click-through rate than trying to stuff keywords into them. Ask yourself “Would I click through based on what is written in the meta-title and description? 1. Repetition is Spammy Treat the searcher as you want… Read the full article

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for SEO Anchor Text Distribution

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for SEO Anchor Text Distribution

Quick Overview The anchor text used to link to your site through backlinking / guest posting etc. matters. There are no perfect answers to what the ratio for types of text you should use – but a good rule of thumb is use alot of branded links, variations of your keyword phrase, and random common… Read the full article

How to Improve CTR for SEO

3 Easy Hacks for How to Improve CTR for SEO

Quick Overview Create headlines that grab people’s attention and use words that promise some kind of instant gratification, or significant payoff. Give them a special offer in the headline or description. 30% off this month only, Free Consultation, etc. will help the searcher recognize what kind of opportunity they have in front of them. Grab… Read the full article

How much maintenance is required after you build a website?

If you have a website created for you, or if you do it yourself – you might be surprised to note it won’t stay fresh forever! Besides the very occasional or gigantic website that is too hard to replace, many people feel the need to re-do their websites every 3-4 years. You can mitigate the… Read the full article

Can I make money from having a website?

Depending on what you do – a web presence could be extremely important, or it could be somewhat of an add-on. If I’m honest with myself, I understand that some businesses acquire customers very easily because of the inherit demand – and some businesses could do all the promotion in the world and never get… Read the full article

WordPress White Screen Error

How to fix WordPress white screen error

Are you facing the WordPress white screen issue? It’s frustrating no errors just the white screen! Don’t worry we will help you fix this white screen error quickly. WordPress no doubt is the leading and most popular CMS framework in the market. It has more than 58% of CMS market share. We all love the… Read the full article

How do you handle revisions as a web designer?

How do you handle extra revisions as a web designer?

I think it’s crucial to set the right expectations at the beginning website project – and that means a set amount of revisions in your proposal – for both visual design and at the end of development. But sometimes a client needs more done and really won’t be satisfied unless you make it happen –… Read the full article

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