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Marketing Attribution Guide - Who deserves credit for the sales?

Marketing Attribution Guide: Who Deserves Credit for the Sales!?

What is attribution in marketing? Marketing attribution answers the question where are my customers coming from? What activities, social, paid social, SEO / content, or Google Adwords are bringing in visitors – and more importantly – customers? If we know the answer to these questions we can push more effort and money into the avenues that… Read the full article

Beginners guide to remarketing - How to Set up Remarketing in Google Ads and Facebook

Beginners Guide To Remarketing

Brett Middleton is a Paid Media expert, with 3 years of experience. Currently leading ad strategy at Leadpages and consulting with small businesses, Brett also writes for Search Engine Land and can be found at, or on Twitter as @MarketerBrett.  Often it can feel like the most difficult part of online marketing can be… Read the full article

Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Web Design Inspiration 2017

Real Estate Web Design Inspiration for your enjoyment!   Le Collectionist If I had the money I’d be on the phone with these guys right now! These are beautiful pictures that just give you a cozy feeling. Every one of these residencies is my dream home, or perhaps, dream vacation home. The website is very… Read the full article

Managing Web Design Project

10 Articles to Read if You’re Managing a Web Design Project

Here are articles you might want to read if you’re about to manage a web design project. Getting a well designed website created and launched takes time and practice, but if you’re working with professionals it doesn’t have to be hard. Take the time to read these basics about web design projects and about managing them,… Read the full article

Managing an SEO Project

10 Articles to Read if You’re Managing an SEO Project

Don’t try to absorb it all, some of these include technical specifics that might change from one situation to the next! But these articles will be a great place to read about the basics of SEO. When articles conflict or there is intricacy involved, simply note the differences and move on – the truth is that… Read the full article

How do you find meaning in digital marketing work - podcast - its a code world

Podcast – Ep. 14 – How Do You Find Meaning in Digital Marketing Work

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate and review the Podcast on iTunes.   Today Joseph Paulson and I talked how to “How do you find meaning in Digital Marketing work” and we dive… Read the full article

There is always willing to do it Cheaper

I can’t afford a professional web designer, what should I do?

  I get many people who ask me what they should do if they can’t afford me – and I wanted to create this resource for them and see how much value I could possibly squeeze out unselfishly. (Yeah right, right?) The hard part is – even learning some basic stuff will take some time… Read the full article

10x Growth Con

10X Growth Conference – Recap / Review

  The 10x Growth Conference ( #10x , #10xgrowthcon on Twitter/IG) is going on now in Hollywood, Florida – near Miami, Florida. To help myself remember the amazing takeaways from the event, and to share with my friends who aren’t able to make it – I wanted to get some key notes on the speakers and a… Read the full article

How to Program Yourself to Be More Productive

Podcast – Ep. 13 – How to Program Yourself to Be More Productive

This will also be up on iTunes soon, so you can subscribe! Or for the moment listen/watch right here below. Also if you find the podcast valuable please rate and review the Podcast on iTunes.   Today Joseph Paulson and I talked how to “How to Program Yourself to Be More Productive” from everything from… Read the full article

Attractive Web Design

8 Tips for Creating an Attractive Web Design

  Today, creating an attractive web design is of extremely important. Websites have become a commanding way to promote businesses. It can be used as a marketing tool, a way of communication or a platform for branding. The design of your website will play a vital role on how users will perceive your brand. It… Read the full article

Best Marketing and Productivity Books – 10 Summaries

Wanted to curate book summaries of some important marketing and productivity books in one post here. Take a look and thanks for checking them out! Without further ado “Best Marketing and Productivity Books – 10 Summaries!” Blue Ocean Strategy – Summary     The Tipping Point – Summary   Getting Things Done – Summary  … Read the full article

Blogging Every Day for a Year

Why I Suggest Not Blogging Every Day for a Year

So this is my 365th blog post, or piece of content – generally in increments of 400 words or more in some form or another in 1 year. I’m so worn out from blogging – and you might also feel a little used and abused to if you’ve been reading some of my content. Because I… Read the full article

Color of money - color schemes for men

5 Masculine Color Schemes for 2017

Masculine color schemes? It’s 2017 god-damnit can’t we get over the old sex anatomy dichotomy? Well in marketing – I look for what is effective and communicating with particular groups, and sometimes yes that requires a little bit of good old fashioned generalization. Color affects how people identify with the world, and what they buy… Read the full article

Rise - Green and Pink Color Scheme for girls, feminine color schemes 2017

5 Feminine Color Schemes for 2017

Are there really feminine color schemes? Well… there are definitely studies that indicate that men and women have different tastes for color. I care about this both as a marketer trying to hit prime demographics – and as an artist with an interest in perception and how the mind works. For the sake of this… Read the full article

Why Google Actually Benefits from Certain Kinds of SEO

Google’s insistence on the supposed inconsequence of SEO – since Matt Cutts ‘stop guest-posting it doesn’t matter’ all the way to modern day where Google itself bids very heavily on SEO related keywords for it’s adwords product… There’s always kind of a weird vibe between Google and SEO enthusiasts. The truth is there are kinds… Read the full article

Elon Musk - Book Summary

Elon Musk Book Summary / Review – Key Takeaways

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future is a biography that shares Elon Musk’s story from outcast in South Africa, to young video game enthusiast, to his web directory that started to take off – early web payment system in and into modern day. His part in as it merged with… Read the full article

Hans Wegner - Minimal Web Design

Minimalism in Web Design – 4 Case Studies

Minimalism – the word and ethos is getting more and more publicity as of late with the Netflix documentary, and a couple books about it like “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it’s follow up “Spark Joy.” The original idea of minimalism was characterized as “a trend in sculpture and painting that arose… Read the full article

Web Design Inspiration 2017

Web Design Inspiration 2017

Out with the old and in with the new – Web Design Inspiration 2017! If you’ve been following this blog for any number of posts (or years) it’s often about web design inspiration, but time slows for no man, and this web design inspiration 2017 list is intended to get the juices flowing for what… Read the full article

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